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Navigate to Your Stay: Your Essential Guide to Reaching Kleanthi Apartments! 🌞

Updated: May 18

Hello and thank you for choosing to stay with us at Kleanthi Apartments, your cosy getaway nestled in the charming village of Drios. We’re excited to have you with us and want to ensure your journey here is as smooth as sailing the Aegean Sea!

Here’s how to find us:

Arriving by Taxi or Bus:

Upon disembarking at the vibrant Paros port, you’ll spot the grey taxis lined up, ready to whisk you away. Prefer the bus? No worries! You’ll find the bus stop to your right. Grab your tickets (it’s like securing a golden pass to paradise!) and hop on the bus headed to Drios. Ask the friendly bus driver to drop you off at “Mpoutari”—that’s your golden ticket to a serene escape.

Walk This Way:

Stepped off at Mpoutari? Great! Follow the quaint road marked by the “Mpoutari” sign—just like following the yellow brick road, only shorter!

At the first crossroads, make a right.

Then take your next left.

Just stroll on for another 80 meters, and voila!

Kleanthi Apartments awaits your grand arrival. 🏡

Driving Yourself?

Bringing your own car or playing the cool renter? Follow the signs to Lefkes/Naousa ► Marpissa ► Drios. But here’s a secret tip: before reaching Drios, make a left when you see the sign—it’s like finding hidden treasure, only easier!



Kleanthi Apartments

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